10 Kids Birthday Party Places That Are Free or Cheap

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At-home birthday parties are great if you want to save money

Finding kids birthday party places that won’t break the bank can be a  challenge, especially considering the kinds of places that kids  typically want to go. Here are some kids birthday party places that are free or cheap so you can stick to your budget

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This is my absolute number one favorite free birthday party venue. Some  places even offer reservations for free or a nominal fee. There are  usually picnic tables, public bathrooms, and shelters. Best of all –  plenty for the kids to do!

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The Beach

If you live near the water (including lakes), then a beach birthday  party is always fun. Especially when trying to entertain older kids. Pack up the sand toys, grab a bottled water, and have everyone bring a towel.

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Animal Shelters

This might vary from place to place, but where I live, the local animal shelter actually offers free virtual  birthday parties. Other SPCAs I found charge between $50 and $200 for  an on-site party which usually includes everything except a cake.

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Hiking Trails

There’s nothing wrong with thinking outside the box when it comes to  children’s birthday party ideas. Instead of picking a specific venue or  having a traditional party, take the kids hiking. Bonus points if you’re  able to reach a fun destination or stop at a playground during your  adventure.

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Board Game Cafe

These places usually charge per person, and you can stay and play  games as long as you’d like. I’d especially recommend this birthday  party location to someone with older kids like tweens and teens. Be careful, though – the price can go up quickly if you plan to order food while you’re there.

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