10 NFTs Are Investable in an Index

Major companies including Nike, Under Armour and AMC Entertainment along with celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon and famous athletes like Stephen Curry have jumped into the NFT fray.

It's no wonder that the size of the NFT market has ballooned to over $7 billion, with average monthly volume of approximately $2 billion, as of November 2021, according to JPMorgan data.

The NFT sets in the index are subject to change, not to mention risk, given the nascent nature of this market, but we've rounded up the collections that are represented now.

Chromie Squiggle (2.46%)

The Squiggles were the first NFTs to be listed on Art Blocks, which is a decentralized generative art NFT marketplace also created by Snowfro. The total volume traded in Chromie Squiggles is 5.6K ETH with a floor price of 7.5 ETH ($30,825) on secondary NFT marketplace OpenSea.

Meebits (3.29%)

Meebits is a collection of “20,000 unique 3D characters” created by Larva Labs, the same team behind CryptoPunks, which we'll get to later on the list. Similar to Chromie Squiggles, Meebits are algorithm-generated and they are registered on the Ethereum blockchain.

Cool Cats (3.60%)

They are frequently used as profile pictures on Twitter, and the Cool Cats team plans to introduce more use cases for these digital avatars in 2022.

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