10 Things a Landlord CANNOT Do

Every state has different tenant laws when it comes to renting a property.

 Therefore, you must familiarize yourself with these laws to avoid putting yourself in an unfavorable situation

Things a Landlord CANNOT Do

Prohibit service animals

While specific properties don’t allow pets, they must allow service animals. It is illegal for landlords to prohibit trained service animals on their property.

Enter a home without proper notice

A landlord must give the tenant at least 24-hour notice before entering the home in many states.

Increase rent without notice

Though the rental market may be hot and a landlord would love to charge market rent, the lease is a legally binding contract preventing a landlord from raising rent.

Unlawfully evict tenants

Landlords can’t unlawfully evict tenants, and they do need to have a valid reason to pursue eviction proceedings.

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