10 Ways To Get Free Clothes That You’ll Actually Want To Wear

Although scoring deals on clothes can be fun, did you know there are ways to get free clothes?

We all need clothes. For many people, buying clothes is a huge part of their budget. Wearing clothes is a pretty important part of being human, and wearing clothes that you like plays a huge role in how you feel and is a big part of expressing who you are.

Fashion is not merely about covering ourselves with garments but is a way to express who we are and how we want to be perceived.

Dress codes and appropriate clothing are some of the many ways we signal to the world our personality and how we want to be treated.

The Eco Aspect of Buying New Clothes

In today’s world of fast fashion, it can be tempting to buy super cheap clothing on sites like AliExpress or Shein (or even Children’s Place and Old Navy), but did you know that you can harm the environment by purchasing clothes from these places?

According to academic estimates, as much as 20% to 35% of all primary source microplastics in the marine environment are from synthetic clothing (Source). Forget plastic straws! The clothes that we buy are ruining the environment at a rapidly growing pace.

10 Ways To Get Free Clothes

1. Clothing Exchanges Did you know that most women wear at most 30% of the clothes in their wardrobes (source)? Because women’s bodies change so often, many women have clothes that no longer fit them but are still in excellent condition.

Consider hosting a clothing exchange with some friends or neighbors. Everyone takes the clothes they no longer wear, and everyone exchanges clothes for the items they want.

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