12 Money Habits of

Highly Effective Couples

Here are 11 habits that can help you become one of those couples that “have it together” when it comes to their money — and tips on how to get there.

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Understand Your Shared Vs. Personal Expenses

Get out a spreadsheet or pad and paper and start making a list of your shared and personal expenses.

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Rather than expect the more free-spirited person to become the master of spreadsheets, think about how they can best contribute to the financial relationship.

Understand Your Needs, Wants, and Goals

Couples that manage their incomes effectively juggle their short-term and long-term goals and allocate their paychecks into the near and distant future.

Learn Each Other’s Money Stories

Your money story explains who you are financially and how you got there (and where you want to be in the future).

Set Up Monthly Money Dates

A money date should happen once a month at an agreed-upon time after the dishes are done and with a glass of wine or a comforting dinner

There are ways to grow your money together while keeping arguments to a minimum. 

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