12 Real Ways to Save Money on Electronics

Having the newest iPhone and a 60-inch TV in every room of your house might sound like a dream worth aspiring to, but hold that thought. If you are trying to grow your savings, start investing, or get out of debt, it’s important to scale back all kinds of spending, including on electronics.

So how can you buy the electronics you need for daily life without going broke?

Buying Older Models Instead of the Newest Models

While technology cycles aren’t quite that fast, companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft do release “newer, better” phones, tablets, computers, and other tech regularly.

Avoiding Consumerism

Consumerism is the belief that your well-being, happiness, and even sense of self-worth will increase the more that you spend money on goods and services.

Considering Needs Over Wants

Beyond determining if your current phone or computer works well enough for you to do your job and live conveniently, take some time to look at your budget.

Unplugging Devices That Are Not in Use

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends unplugging certain appliances when not in use to decrease your standby power loads and thus reduce your monthly electric bill.

Trading In and Selling Unwanted Electronics

many second-hand stores buy electronics like video game consoles — and they’ll pay you for the controllers and games too. Some smartphone vendors will allow you to trade in an older-model phone when you purchase a new one.

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