13 Ways to Make Money from Paid Surveys

Who doesn’t like to have some extra cash in their pockets?

You can easily take surveys for money, regardless of your location and skillset, and earn exciting rewards.

Taking Paid Surveys Online On-the-Go

All you have to do is answer a few questions when you’re waiting for a bus or standing in line at your grocery store.

Here are my favorite survey apps that you can download and use right away.

Taking Paid Surveys at Home

For those of you who don’t like the idea of taking paid surveys on the go, you can use your time to take paid surveys at home.

I’ve listed down the popular survey sites that don’t have mobile apps but are great for stay-at-home moms and dads and even teenagers to spend their time productively.

Paid Surveys to Take In-Person

In-person surveys are some of the highest-paid surveys in the market. Why? Because you have to conduct credible research before you answer the questions put up for you.

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