15 Acceptable Reasons to Miss Work Last Minute 

Ideally, you'd love to wake up every day, fully energized, and brew a fresh pot of coffee in a sunlit home with all the enthusiasm in the world to take on the day. 

But, realistically, this is not always the case and sometimes you need a few more hours of sleep. Or, a day to binge watch the show you can't get your mind off of.

It's good to have some reasonable excuses to miss work for yourself — and the following 15 excuses will help you do just that.

1. You got sick.

An average person gets sick twice a year, so missing work due to an unexplained sickness shouldn't raise too much suspicion.

2. There's no one to watch your child.

If no one's available to watch your child, or your child's daycare is closed, you'll need to stay home to watch them — and that's a pretty legit reason to skip work.

3. Your child is ill.

Working parents would all agree — you're a parent first, before any work role you play. So, similar to the excuse above, when it comes to your kids, it makes sense you would drop everything for them, including work.

4. There's an emergency at home.

This excuse can encompass an array of reasons from a sick parent to a fatal accident. If you feel comfortable, you can use the time-sensitive nature of this excuse to skip work or even leave work midday.

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