15 Certified Ways to Show Proof of Income Landlords Want to See

Proof of income is some documentation that you can use to show your landlord that you have a steady income to pay monthly rent payments.

What is proof of income?

Why is proof of income documentation important?

Landlords don’t want to have to go through having to evict a tenant simply because they aren’t able to pay their rent.

15 ways to show proof of income

Pay stubs

Landlords will typically want to see at least four weeks’ worth of pay stubs.

Last year’s tax return is familiar for those whose pay stubs don’t reflect how much they bring in each month.

Tax returns

In this instance, they may prove their income to their landlord if they show consistent deposits to their bank account.

Bank statements

Many landlords prefer to see a W2 form instead of pay stubs for hourly employees whose income fluctuates.

W-2 form

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