15 Crazy Effective Ways to Save Money Grocery Shopping

Now, if the thought of saving money on groceries has you thinking of the episode of 2 Broke Girls, where Caroline becomes addicted to extreme couponing and gets in a shoving match with the “Coupon Queen,” don’t worry.

Grocery shopping on a budget doesn’t have to get intense; follow these money-saving tips.

Create a Meal Plan

With a little pre-planning, you can search for recipes to cook and use what is currently on sale. Having a meal plan makes creating a shopping list more straightforward and helps you avoid picking up any of the dreaded budget-busting impulse items.

Make a Grocery Shopping List

It’s helpful to keep a running shopping list of food items as you use them up. When you find a coupon or two for an item on your list, make sure to notate it with a checkmark, so you don’t forget to use your coupon.

Stock up on Sale Items

If you can find fresh fruit or produce on sale, you may can items or dehydrate them besides freezing. Dehydrated veggies are great for making stews or soups for camping trips or brown bag lunch at work.

Avoid Impulse Buying

Don’t shop hungry; you might be tempted to pick up items you don’t need or expensive prepackaged meals when buying on an empty budget.

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