15 Fun Art Ideas To Try Out

Art projects are one of the easiest ways to relax and enjoy yourself when you have some free time. Whether it’s crayons, chalk, cardboard, or washi, there are tons of mediums for you to experiment with and use.

Sometimes, it can even feel like there are too many choices and it can be difficult to pick one to go with.

If you’re paralyzed by all the choices in front of you, this post can help with a list of 15 fun art ideas to try out. Don’t be afraid to let your creative side show and mix and match the various ideas listed.

Watercolor Painting

Painting with watercolors is simple to master and can be a relaxing, meditative experience. It’s a great way to get away from everything and relax while creating some pleasant art.


Drawing is one of the major forms of visual art, generally represented by two-dimensional works (such as murals), but three-dimensional works (such as pottery) can also be drawn. This art form is great for exploring the imagination, and anyone can get their hands on a pencil and paper!

Acrylic Painting

Acrylic painting is a technique in which pigments are suspended in an acrylic polymer emulsion aqueous media. An airbrush or an acrylic paintbrush are typically used to apply the medium to the support.


Embroidery comprises two main parts – counted thread and what is known as cut-work. Counted thread is a loose, interlocking chain of yarns. Called “weft” or “warp” threads, they are used to construct patterns made up of many small elements, usually called “floats. ”


Clay is a non-crystalline, malleable substance. It’s made by mixing a solid ingredient with water, rolling it into a mold, then set it aside to harden. Clay and water are mixed to generate a wet mass, used to make ceramics.

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