15 Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas That Boost Your Curb Appeal

Many outdoor space designs can upgrade your outdoor living space. One, in particular, is a stamped concrete patio design.

Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas 

Wood Plank

You can make this stamped concrete design look like wood planks. This bold pattern is very pronounced, and the design often includes wood grain to make it look more realistic.

Circular Pattern

The circular pattern is a perfect choice for creating a focal point for their patio. There are numerous circular patterns available, including those with serpentine or sunburst borders.

Boulders and Stones

Stamped concrete can be designed to have a pattern that utilizes the shapes of boulders and stones.


Companies often design stamped concrete patios to look like they are made out of brick. Installers achieve a stamped concrete patio with a brick by using molds to imprint this effect onto the concrete.

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