17 Practical Time Management Tips for a Stress-Free Life

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling overwhelmed by everything you have to do that day?

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Not enough time?


Use these easy time management tips to help you feel less overwhelmed and more in control of your day.

Track Your Time

You may discover certain activities are eating up way more of your day than they should, or certain tasks keep slipping through the cracks.

Look for Patterns

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Identify Your Time Wasters

Do some tasks drain your energy or leave you feeling unmotivated? It's time to cut these time-wasters out, or at the very least, cut them back.


Tips to Manage Tasks

Make a list of all of your commitments, obligations, and errands. Include work tasks, household chores, and family commitments.  Consider making separate lists for professional and personal projects.

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1. Make Your To-Do List


Take your to-do list, and assign each task a high, medium, or low priority level based on time sensitivity and importance. Don't let those non-urgent items distract you; they can wait until later.

2. Prioritize Tasks

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3. Break Down Large Tasks

Breaking down large tasks into small, more manageable tasks transforms a seemingly impossible challenge into a series or achievable steps.

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Schedule, block your time, set boundaries, eliminate distractions, automate things, use time management tools, delegate, and more!

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