19 Perfect White Elephant Gifts

Having a white elephant gift exchange game is a hilarious way to bring people together and break the ice.

These white elephant gift ideas are not only guaranteed to get some big laughs, but they are also practical too!

What Is A White Elephant Gift?

A white elephant gift is funny, playful, and unforgettable. It comes from an ancient tale about the King of Siam giving rare and exotic albino elephants to those he didn’t like.

What Are White Elephant Gifts Supposed To Be?

White elephant gifts are usually cheap and amusing in some way.

Humorous Coffee Mug

Whether you’re looking for boss gifts, friend gifts, or dad gifts, this mug will be great for any white elephant party.

Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker Mic

Does their lack of singing voice make them all the more eager to serenade you? Consider tossing a karaoke microphone into their white elephant exchange.

Adult Coloring Book

You’ve probably heard that adult coloring books can be great therapeutic tools, but you might not be aware that they also make fantastic Yankee Swap gifts.

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