19 Tips to Save Money on Pets

Pet parents are vulnerable to the same heartstring tugs that parents of human babies feel. You want to keep them happy and healthy, paving the path to a long life, and you are willing to pay the price.

Common Pet Costs

– Neutering or spaying – Collar, leash, harness – License fees – Microchipping if you choose, to track a lost pet – Vaccinations – Food, treats, and toys – Vet bills – Boarding or pet care if you travel

19 Money-Saving Tips for Pets

Keeping Up with Vet Appointments

Keeping up with preventive care can be an example of how to save money on pets. Better to stay on track than skip well visits and find out an eye infection has gone untreated or that your pet has heartworm (generally detected in a routine stool sample test).

Researching Pet Insurance

Pet health insurance can cover well care or illness/accident treatment, depending on the policy, and averages from $30 to $50 per month (though some plans cost less and others might top $100 monthly, depending on the pet’s age, species, and breed).

Joining a Loyalty Club at a Pet Store

When you enroll in the PetSmart Treats Program, you can earn points for every $1 spent in stores and online and redeem them on services including Grooming Salon, PetsHotel, Doggie Day Camp, and Dog Training.

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