21 Lego Storage Ideas for Easy Clean Up & Organization

You will likely find Legos in your house at some point in your parenting journey.

20 Simple  & Effective Lego Storage Ideas

1. Draw String Play Mat

It’s basically a large play mat with a drawstring around it so that the kids can play with the Legos or other toys, and when they’re done, they can just pull the drawstring.

2. Organizational Cube With Fabric Drawers

Cube organizers have become very popular for storage and organization. They come in many shapes and sizes and are generally pretty affordable.

3. Large Plastic Tubs

An easy, low-maintenance way of storing your children’s Legos might just be to get a large tote or plastic tub and throw all the Legos in there.

4. Multiple Small Plastic Tubs

You can get multiple smaller tubs to sort the Legos into if you want to get a little more organized than one big plastic tub.

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