Want to Retire Early? Learn from 30-Year-Olds Who’ve Done It

Here's how five people saved and invested enough money that they've reached financial independence in their 30s and are retired, work less, or only work because they enjoy it.

Purple: A Nomad who Leveraged Geo-Arbitrage in the U.S. to Retire at 30

An anonymous ad industry-alum who blogs under the name Purple recently retired at 30 with a current net worth of $708,460.

“Investing, then earning, then saving were the biggest drivers for me, in that order. At this point, my investments have made more money than I could have in my career."

John: From a $39,000 starting salary to $2.5M Net Worth

John, 41, lives in the San Francisco Bay area and reached financial independence at 37 with a liquid net worth of $1.2 million, not including his home’s value.

“I credit my early career decisions for the success in growing my income. For example, when I took my first $39,000 job in the U.S. at a consulting group based in the Northeast, it didn't take me long to realize that many American-born employees didn't want to travel to middle America,”

Despite roadblock after roadblock, he took one of the few advantages he had, his flexibility, and turned it into his unfair advantage.

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