40 Profitable Small Business Ideas to Inspire You

Are you thinking of starting a side hustle to help you pay the bills or meet other financial goals during this unprecedented time?

1. House Sitter

If you're looking for a business idea that involves travel, consider house sitting. This involves taking up temporary residence in people's homes while they're away.

2. Cleaning Business

This can be regular housekeeping at a residence or commercial building or even one-off jobs such as apartments moving out deep cleaning. Typically cleaning services charge $50 – $90 per hour, so this can be a great regular side hustle!

3. Carpet Cleaning

This side hustle usually involves some knowledge of carpet cleaning and renting/owning a carpet cleaning machine. Since this is a specialized field, there is less competition for carpet cleaners, so they can usually charge around $50 per room.

4. Pool Cleaning

Considering people typically pay $150 – $300 for a one-time pool cleaning, it can be a lucrative business, even more so if you create a subscription service to do regular touch-up cleaning.

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