5 Bitcoin Investment Themes to Watch in 2022

While the leading cryptocurrency failed to live up to to the most ambitious price targets from 2021, it is still up 46% for the year...

...has several potential catalysts that could potentially fuel the bitcoin price in 2022.

Bitcoin Investment Themes to Watch in 2022

Inflation is currently hovering at 6.8%, sending consumer prices rising at their fastest rate in nearly 40 years.


Market experts were calling for bitcoin to hit $100,000 in 2021, and bitcoin ultimately finished the year below $50,000 after peaking at close to $69,000 in November.

Bullish Price Predictions

Billionaire hedge fund trader Paul Tudor Jones has thrown his weight behind bitcoin over gold as a hedge against inflation and believes the flagship crypto is “a great way to protect wealth over the long run

Institutional Adoption

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