Five Reasons to Retire Early 

Retire Early Because You Can

If you live below your means, save and invest along the way, and avoid financial catastrophe, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to retire early.

Retire Early For Your Health

If your job is the greatest source of stress in your life (it is for me), eliminating that stressor can do wonders for your mental health. Retire early, for your health!

Retire Early for Free Time

Take a few minutes and imagine all the things you might do if you had more time.

Retire Early for Your Family

Coordinating schedules with my partners and their obligations, working around my boys’ 2 schedules sounds like a nightmare. I’ve come up with a solution. Retire early, for your family!

Have you ever seen the John Cusack film, “High Fidelity“? No? That’s OK, you don’t really have to see the movie to understand and appreciate the concept of a Top 5 list. Cusack’s character, Rob, is a big fan of them; so am I. David Letterman had his Top 10 lists, but half the list was nonsense and the lame answers distracted you from laughing at the 4 or 5 funny ones. So I’m taking Rob’s approach.

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