5 Retired 30-Year-Olds And How They Did It

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Here’s how five people saved and invested enough money that they’ve reached financial independence in their 30s

Retired 30-Year-Olds And How They Did It

An anonymous ad industry-alum who blogs under the name Purple recently retired at 30 with a current net worth of $708,460.


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"I job hopped almost every year at the beginning of my career and was able to get promotions and $20,000 jumps with most of those hops helped me save more and retire faster. “

How Did She Do It?

Lives in the San Francisco Bay area and reached financial independence at 37 with a liquid net worth of $1.2 million, not including his home’s value


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Clients provided positive feedback to my employer, which helped with annual raises and bonuses. It also set me up for a big move to Silicon Valley, where I would see a significant jump in salary.

How Did He Do It?

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