50 College Majors That Earn The Least Money

Read on to find out the 50 college majors that earn the least money.

– Early career pay: $40,000 – Mid-career pay: $40,300 Many workers with degrees in metalsmithing find work as jewelers. Those working in the retail trade tend to make the most.

#1. Metalsmithing

– Early career pay: $36,900 – Mid-career pay: $44,800 One issue that may be keeping medical assisting wages low is an oversupply. Some argue that too many qualified medical assistants are currently searching for work, keeping salaries low.

#2. Medical assisting

– Early career pay: $36,000 – Mid-career pay: $45,000 Mental health is a field that encompasses many different settings. Some mental health specialists may work in assisted living facilities, helping residents with dementia, while others may work with working professionals stressed and depressed about their jobs.

#3. Mental health

– Early career pay: $36,100 – Mid-career pay: $45,400 A child’s cognitive, emotional, and language development occur in the first five years of life, making early childhood education critical in an adolescent’s academic career.

#4. Early childhood education

– Early career pay: $37,400 – Mid-career pay: $46,300 Outdoor education professionals help people enjoy the great outdoors. However perfect they may be for the outdoors enthusiast

#5. Outdoor education

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