50 Hottest Real Estate Markets in Each US State

Moving to a new home can be well worth it.  Each state boasts their own fastest growing real estate markets.

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Here’s a helpful guide to housing markets by state:

Gilbert, AZ

Median Home Value: $368,772 Value Increase Over Last Year: 7.6% Value Forecast for Next Year: -0.3%

Boise, Idaho

Median Home Value: $341,449 Value Increase Over Last Year: 10.3% Value Forecast for Next Year: 0.4%

Omaha, NE

Median Home Value: $196,202 Value Increase Over Last Year: 6.7% Value Forecast for Next Year: -0.8%

Salt Lake City, UT

Median Home Value: $419,987 Value Increase Over Last Year: 5.3% Value Forecast for Next Year: -1.4%

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