6 SURE-FIRE Ways to

Start Building Generational Wealth Now

We wanted to build something that could teach our kids to be fiscally responsible and be something we pass down to them and future generations!

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How to Build Generational Wealth?

My husband and I both have 401k plans with our company, and we use to contribute 10% of our paycheck.

Contribute to 401k

Real estate investing is an incredible income-producing asset that can make money and add to your overall net worth.

Invest in Real Estate

Stock market investments, such as index funds, are another form of creating generational wealth and are more liquid than real estate.

Invest in Stocks

Buying a life insurance policy is necessary to protect your family from financial hardship!

Purchase Life Insurance

Small businesses are an excellent way for building generational wealth for their loved ones.

Start a Small Business

Another simple way toward building generational wealth is by saving. 

Save Money

 There are multiple ways you can increase your assets and net worth to share and leave behind with one generation at a time.