7 Cheap Home Security Systems To Protect Your Home on a Budget 

It does not matter where you live or what your home and property look like: security is essential. You will likely spend more on your home than anything else, so protecting it and the possessions inside should be a top priority to you. Even more critical is your own safety and that of your loved ones.

There are some simple things you can do to enhance the security of your house. Locking your doors and windows, keeping lights on, and having a dog are all ways to deter mischievous behavior on and around your property.

But even these measures might not be enough to stop intruders from coming into your home — whether or not you are there.

It used to be that a doorbell served one purpose: for a visitor to announce his or her arrival at your door. Today, a doorbell can also act as a two-way communication device and include a camera. You can get all of this for around $200 from companies such as SimpliSafe.

Doorbell Cameras

Not all alarm systems require professional installation from a technician. This method can drive up the costs, so it may be helpful to look for DIY options. Companies such as Frontpoint have some intriguing possibilities.

Do-It-Yourself Systems

Home invaders and thieves are usually looking for the right opportunities to break into your home. These occasions usually occur when you are away for the day at work or out of town for an extended period on vacation or business.

Professional Monitoring

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