7 Common Financial Mistakes First-Time Parents Make

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By assessing money issues head-on, and creating a manageable plan to solve them, it’s often possible to bounce back after a financial mistake.

Financially challenges can happen to anyone.

Due to high interest rates, if you don’t pay off right away it ends up costing quite a bit more.

High Credit Card Debt

A low credit score can make it harder to get a loan, such as a mortgage or a credit card.

Low Credit Score

Without an emergency fund, any unexpected expense that comes along can throw you way off balance.

No Emergency Fund

Do you suffer from these money mistakes?

A foreclosure can have a significant effect on a credit score, and it can stay on a person’s credit record for years.

Facing Foreclosure

It’s common to face money issues throughout your life, particularly when you are just starting out. Swipe up to learn how to prepare.