7 Easy Ways To Save Money on Gas

That familiar feeling of dread you get when pulling up to the gas pump may not fade anytime soon as the national average gas price remains at an all-time high. The good news is that figuring out how to save money on gas doesn’t have to be complicated.

How To Save Money on Gas  7 Simple Tips

Compare Fuel Prices

Apps can help you locate the cheapest gas prices in your area. For example, Gas Guru will tell you how much a gallon of gas costs at U.S. gas stations for regular gas and even allows you to view pricing for premium gas. The app also color codes the results to identify the best deal quickly.

Use Gift Cards for Gas Purchases

Upside is a free app for Android and iOS devices that rewards you with free gift cards (or PayPal cash) when you spend at gas stations, grocery stores, or restaurants.

Gas Rewards

Most grocery stores now offer customers a loyalty program to help them save money on groceries and incentivize them to shop. Grocery chains that also sell gas often have a gas rewards program, which allows customers to earn rewards based on the amount of money they spend in the store.

Credit Card Rewards

Some common redemption methods include gift cards to purchase gas, trading them in for a statement credit, or even transferring the monetary equivalent to your bank account.

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