7 Tips for Buying a Home in Winter

Buying a house in winter can be a wise move. The so-called “off season” bestows some very real benefits for those who are looking for a new place. These may include everything from less competition (and bidding wars) to faster closing schedules.

Housing prices were heading downward in key markets, as interest rates climbed and real-estate inventory became somewhat more plentiful. That pointed to the winter ahead being a good time to bundle up and rev up a home search.

Why You Should Buy a Home in Winter

Less Competition

Fewer people shopping for homes could mean less competition for those in the market for a house. And diminished competition might mean winter homebuyers can be more discerning in their choices.

Profiting from a Buyer’s Market

It can be trickier to sell a home in the wintertime. Some sellers only put their homes on the market in the winter because they really have to.

Closing on Your Purchase Faster

When buyers and sellers are negotiating the sale of a home, they work together to set a closing date when the house title will officially transfer between the parties.

Hiring Movers Can Be Easier

Moving costs in the winter can be cheaper than in the summer. Fewer people buying homes means less demand for movers, which in turn could mean more competitive pricing.

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