7 Top Self-Employed Jobs for Parents

Many busy parents find that a traditional 9-to-5 job isn’t the best option while they’re raising young children. Working for yourself can provide more flexibility and control, as well as better work-life balance. But there are trade-offs.

What Jobs Are Considered Self-Employed Jobs?

At one time, self-employed business people typically worked out of a storefront or office with a small staff. Today, many self-employed individuals work from home with no employees.

Business Consultant

A business consultant helps other businesses improve a select area of their business (such as their marketing department) or their business as a whole. Consultants can provide support to sales, finance, operations, HR, IT, and other areas.

Virtual Assistant

Supporting clients as an administrative assistant virtually. Because so much of this work can be done via email, and immediate responses aren’t expected, virtual assistants can often choose their own hours.

Software Developer

Software developers write and test code for clients when creating systems software, apps, video games, and other products.

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