9 Investing Strategies To Know

It’s natural to be nervous about your nest egg. But a little knowledge about the methods that go into building and maintaining a successful portfolio could help reduce the worry and make you feel better about what’s going on with your accounts.

Here are a few strategies you might want to look into as your investing career evolves:

Investing in What You Know or Want to Know More About

Having some knowledge about, or an interest in, a certain industry, sector, or type of investment can offer a few advantages when looking at assets to build a portfolio.

Diversifying Across Different Industries and Asset Classes

When building a portfolio, that means spreading your money across different asset classes (cash and cash equivalents, stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate) and different industries or sectors (health care, tech, utilities, consumer goods, financial, etc.) to limit risk.

Giving Cash Some Credit

Even though interest rates have been on the rise—making the returns from online deposit accounts and CDs more appealing to savers—compared to stocks or mutual funds, the money to be made on cash and cash equivalents can seem pretty meager.

Growth Stock Investing

The goal of this stock investment strategy is to hang on as revenue and earnings rise sharply, and then reap big returns as other investors catch on and jump aboard.

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