Advantages of a Dividend Investing Strategy

I’m excited to share this post written by my friend from 10 Year Target. He explains the advantages of dividend investing, so you can decide if this strategy could be a good fit for you!

A dividend is a distributed payout from a company to its shareholders.

What are dividends?

Dividends are paid out to the shareholders as a reward for their investment.

Why do companies pay dividends?

Index funds are perhaps the easiest way to invest. You put money in and you have invested in a variety of stocks without having to take into consideration what stocks you want.

Advantages of a Dividend Investing Strategy

Cash is king, right? Dividend investing gives you cash on a regular basis. As an investor, this gives you cash on hand in case you find new investment opportunities.

Cash is king

In general, companies paying dividends are solid companies that have a lot of cash. This is a good metric for a safe investment

Solid companies

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