Good Paying Jobs Without a College Degree

When comparing good jobs you can get without college experience, it’s helpful to consider earning potential and the skills you might need.

Whether that’s a good paying job for you depends partly on your lifestyle. Some people can live comfortably on $58,000 or less, while others might struggle.

Definition of a Good Paying Job

The highest paying jobs can also be some of the most stressful jobs. Many of the highest paying jobs are in the healthcare field, which can require long hours, dealing with emotional or mental stress, and working in potentially hazardous surroundings.

Good Paying Jobs vs Highest Paying Jobs

– Which industries or career fields generally require a degree and which ones don’t – What skills, experience, or expertise may be substituted for a college degree when searching for good paying jobs in specific industries – Whether it may be to your advantage to get an associate degree or a postsecondary non-degree certification

Tips for Finding Jobs Without a College Degree

Median pay: $134,630/year Job growth outlook: 6% Job description: Commercial pilots fly planes and other aircraft, and can work for major airlines, charter companies, or private individuals.

Commercial Pilot

Median pay: $98,230/year Job growth outlook: 8% Job description: Managers are responsible for planning and coordinating transportation, storage, and distribution services or activities. Logistics manager is one job title that can fall under this occupational heading.

Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Manager

Median pay: $82,790/year Job growth outlook: 6% Job description: Radiation therapists administer radiation to people being treated for cancer and may work hand-in-hand with medical dosimetrists, medical physicists, and oncology nurses.

Radiation Therapist

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