Blue Chip Stocks

9 Reasons Why You Need Them in Your Portfolio

Blue-chip stocks are the ivy league of investment stocks. They are shares of companies known for steady cash flow, solid balance sheets, reliable business structure, and excellent performance history.

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Safe Dividends

Blue-chip stocks have witnessed steadily growing and consistent dividend payouts over time.

High Returns on Investment

Blue-chip stocks can return up to 12% when you ideally reinvest your dividends.

Safe Harbor Stocks

These stocks are safe, and hardly do they go bankrupt. They offer an added measure of safety in a volatile market for your portfolio.

Brand Recognition

This means you can get regular updates on the companies’ progress through mainstream media.

Strong Financial Fundamentals

Blue-chip companies ride on the wings of strong financial indices.

A blue-chip stock growth may not be exponential, but they offer more peace of mind for your investment than the regular stock.

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