Budget Travel Around the World as a House and Pet Sitter 

In addition to many being able to work remotely from anywhere in the world, people are ready to explore again. One way to do this on a budget is to consider house and pet sitting.

The concept is simple: house and pet sitting in exchange for accommodations, which most of the time includes the company of a pet or pets while you work (or just play) and explore a new place.

It’s a nice deal for the homeowner too, as they get a reliable, trustworthy pet and house sitter while they are away from home.

The world of house sitting has grown; there are many websites and resources available which provide ideas on how to get started, tips on how to be successful, and sites which connect homeowners and house sitters—all over the world.

One resource is House Sitting Magazine, which describes itself as a “free community resource for domestic and international house sitters and pet owners, leading the way in inspiration, tips, support, advice and the promotion of best practices.

According to their website, the aim is to “help you create a fulfilling lifestyle built around trust, mutual respect, and lifestyle freedom with the bonus of daily pet cuddles.”

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