Buying Property in Italy

The Pros and Cons of Italian Real Estate

 As a native Italian owning property in Italy, I’m going to give you the complete guide of the pros and cons to navigate that decision!

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Pros of Buying Property in Italy


If the home you buy is your primary residence (you live there for more than six months a year), you will pay NO PROPERTY TAXES!

Let’s take the US as an example, and let’s dive into a few facts and numbers. Generally, Italy is cheaper by a range between 20% and 60%:

Lower Cost of Living

More light equals more time to go outside—and for many, that means more happiness!

Sunshine and climate

Cons of Buying Property in Italy

Most of the deals require purchasers to commit to investing in renovations for these old village houses.

Renovation work

An obvious but easy-to-forget cost that you will need to take into account is the flight expenses.

Flight Costs

The hard truth is that traveling by your car in Italy will cost you way more than, say, in the United States. 

Gas and Tolls Expenses

I challenge you to find more of these subjective points in your journey towards buying property in Italy.