College Tuition Continues To Rise: 7 Alternatives to Formal Education

A growing number of would-be students are starting to question whether formal education is as necessary as people make it seem, especially with the sky-high fees of college.

Whatever your age, backstory, or level of education, the business will be an opportunity to forge your path in life.

1. Business Owner

2. Influencer

Take Ryan Kaji, for example. He is a popular YouTuber with his channel Ryan’s World. According to Forbes, he earned $26 million in 2019. He’s also ten years old!

If you’re searching for a high-paying career that’s more traditional, then look no further than becoming an electrician or plumber.

3. Electrician or Plumber

You’d be tasked with understanding a company’s IT infrastructure, monitoring its activity, and doing whatever it takes to protect its system from threats.

4. Computer Security Analyst

It suits people with these skills and interests, but it’s also packed with job opportunities for anyone who chooses not to attend college.

5. Hospitality

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