15 Coping Skills for Kids Parents Can Teach

As a parent, we have the unique opportunity to help children express and cope with life healthily and appropriately. Children are not born knowing coping skills.

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Coping is what allows us to manage the stressors and emotions in daily life.  Healthy coping strategies enable us to experience uncomfortable feelings, challenges, or situations.

Teach Children to Label Feelings

Parents can start these conversations by identifying their feelings and directly linking them to the situation.

Teach Children to Problem Solve

Talking to children about potential outcomes and steps that they can take allows them to recognize that they are not powerless over their lives or their results.

Create Natural Opportunities for Emotional Release

Children should not be discouraged from crying as it creates a bottling up of unhealthy feelings and keeps them stuck with their emotions.

Practice Gratitude and Affirmations

Positive self-talk and affirmations teach children to value themselves and recognize their strengths, which is a handy skill in the face of challenges.

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