6 Types of Kayaking To Try

What is Kayaking?

Kayaking is an outdoor water activity that people participate in for leisure or a healthy lifestyle. It uses a small canoe-like boat (kayak) and a double-bladed paddle.

Types of kayaking

Not all kayaking is the same. Some types of kayaking are relaxing, while others are for the more adventurous. Here are the different types you should try!

Recreational Kayaking

Recreational kayaking, is kayaking for leisure. Beginner paddlers often chose this type of kayaking because it takes place on calm, slow-moving bodies of water.

Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking is the complete opposite of recreational kayaking. Rather than paddling on calm lakes, you’ll traverse in open – and often unpredictable – waters.

Whitewater Kayaking

Whitewater kayaking provides a more thrilling experience. Instead of paddling on open waters, you’ll be traversing through fast-moving and rocky watercourses.

Kayak Surfing

Another kind of kayaking that’s great for adventure-seekers is kayak surfing. As the name suggests, it refers to taking a kayak into the surf and trying to catch a wave.

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