Do You Own This Rare Nickel Worth Over $15,000?

The United States Mint began the production of Jefferson Nickel coins on October 3, 1938, in San Francisco, Denver, and Philadelphia.

However, the US congress introduced a policy that reduced Nickel content on Jefferson currencies as temporary measures. The government wanted to design a coin with Thomas Jefferson’s portrait and stately home.

The coin made history in 1964 as the US mint released over 1 billion to cover the silver coins shortage in circulation. Unlike the 1950s, the 1964 Nickel is of higher quality with a sharp, soft appearance.

1964 Nickel Coin Features


The 1964 Nickel coin has an obverse side with a portrait of America’s founding father, President Thomas Jefferson. The picture has Jefferson’s left shoulder touching the coin’s lower edge with “IN GOD WE TRUST” words inscribed on his chest.


The frontline view of President Thomas Jefferson’s stately home, also called “MONTICELLO,” is on the coin’s reserve. Another inscription in the section is the “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” reading clockwise towards the reverse upper margin.


There are various symbolic slogans on the 1964 Nickel coin, similar to previous years. Learning the meaning of these slogans will help you properly value the asset if you have one.

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