The Lucrative Side Hustle of Being a Dungeon Master for Hire 

Maybe it was Stranger Things, celebrity players, or maybe the pandemic lockdown created the ideal environment, but Dungeons and Dragons capped off their 6-year sales streak with an additional 33% growth in 2020.

Beyond the formulaic rules of a board game or the built-in structure of video games, Role Playing Games (RPGs) emerged in the mid-70's as a hybrid adventure experience.

At the forefront of the movement was the OG of RPG's, Dungeons and Dragons(D&D), created by cult icon Gary Gygax.

D&D became a popular experience, beyond Midwest basements and college dorms, in part because it is deeply interactive and so involved as to require guides to lead players on their fantasy experience.

Enter the Dungeon Master (DM). These respected mentor-like figures create and lead games in what is swiftly becoming one of the fastest-growing side hustles.

Part sherpa, part creator, DMs elevate the gaming experience, and users are willing to pay big numbers for their services.

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