Simple Guide To Retirement Planning For Beginners

I love the idea of a clean slate.  A new year feels so exciting to me!  When I wrote about goals in my last blog post, one of my biggest goals was to educate myself on retirement planning and investing options.

Most financial experts will suggest sticking 15% of your income into retirement accounts, and we are on point.

According to the research I am doing, it might not be the best choice to rely solely on your industry’s pension – one may never know when and if that money will be decreased or even dissolved.

Pensions Explained

403(b) is retirement planning for teachers, hospitals, and religious organizations and charities.457 plans are for government workers and other non-for profit. And 401(k) plans are for everyone else.

Differences Between 401(k), 403(b), And 457

These are certificates purchased from a bank for a specified amount.  These are normally locked in for a chosen amount of time, usually one, three, or five years.

CDs or Certificate of Deposit

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