The Most Effective 16-Minute Workout Anytime Routine

Spending no less than two minutes per exercise is essential to burning fat and getting a high-impact workout in less time. These exercises take less time and are great for getting fit and squeezing in a workout anytime.

However, suppose you want a good workout but don't have the time or opportunity because you are tired from the rest of your busy work, home, and school life.

In that case, a 16-minute at-home high-intensity workout might be your best option. Combined with a healthy eating routine, you can get into shape quickly.

Jumping Rope

Want to improve your quality of life? Jumping rope helps accelerate your blood flow, which has incredible benefits. Fifteen minutes a day can help you lose weight by working on major muscle groups and increasing your heart rate.


Try squats to work the major muscle groups in the legs and butt. It's one of the most effective exercises for muscle tone and endurance.

Cross-legged Abdominal Twist

This is a great exercise to work out the abdominals while forcing your glutes and hamstrings to stabilize. This can help you get a full-body workout in less time.

Arm Curls and Elbow Extensions

That is a great exercise to work your biceps and triceps. However, performing this exercise slowly is essential to avoid using the momentum that could cause joint pain.

Pushups and Hamstring Curls

This exercise is great for your hamstrings, pectoral muscles, and biceps. It's a great workout any time of the week because it works so many major muscles in the body.

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