Everything You Need to Know About Rare Coins

Collectors and investors are often on the hunt for rare coins, looking to add them to their collection or see a return on their investment. There are also curious bystanders wondering how to identify a rare coin and what makes it worth so much.

What Makes a Coin Rare?

Low Mintage Numbers

The United States Mint only produces a certain number of coins each year, and if demand exceeds supply, the coins may become rare. Due to government policy or law, most rare coins are no longer produced or accepted.

Minting Errors

Minting errors can also result in rarity. These errors can range from off-center striking to double stamping. One famous example is the 1955 Doubled Die Lincoln cent, where the date and motto on the coin were accidentally stamped twice, resulting in a noticeable doubling of their design.

Historical Significance

Historical events can also contribute to a coin’s rarity. The 1943 copper Lincoln cent is a prime example of this, as the United States Mint accidentally produced a small number of them in steel due to wartime copper shortages.

How to Identify a Rare Coin

Did you stumble on a coin while rummaging through your spare change or inherited a collection from a relative? Eureka! You may have come across a rare coin. But before you get carried away, you have to be sure it’s a valuable coin. How?

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