Get Paid To Nap:  12 Ways To Earn Money While  You Sleep

Not just napping or making money while you sleep, but getting paid to nap? Believe it or not, there are many ways to get paid to nap.

Hotel Mystery Shopper

Pretending to be a run-of-the-mill guest, you’ll go through the entire hotel experience: checking in, checking out, quality of service, amenities, food, and of course – sleeping!

Sleep Product Tester

There are two ways to earn money via sleep product testing. The first is to have an online presence (such as a blog or social media profile).


Eachnight will hire people to help assess their naps, and weigh up the pros and cons. When chosen to participate, you’ll get paid to nap by filling out a questionnaire about each nap you take.

It could take a while before you have a blog that makes money, but with enough work, you too could earn money from your hotel blog and get paid to nap.

Hotel Blogger

Sleep Junkie is another company that focuses on sleep. Like eachnight, Sleep Junkie will recruit participants for studies through their website.

Sleep Junkie

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