How to Generate Over $5,000 Per Month With One Airbnb Property

For people who are thinking about financial independence and have considered investing into real estate, there’s a specific niche option should be on your radar, as it’s been growing by leaps and bounds and can outperform virtually any traditional real estate investment. Specifically, we’re referring to short-term rentals.

Everybody will typically have their own strategy for what properties they consider to be the right fit, so we want to share what a typical Airbnb property investment looks like for us. Plus, the neighborhood itself is very walkable and pleasant – with some great restaurants, coffee shops and bars within a few minutes away.

Finding The Right Property

What’s interesting about Airbnb is that it doesn’t have to be done in a major city nor does it have to be in the downtown area to be successful. In fact, some of the best results are oftentimes found in smaller cities and areas where the housing prices are still reasonable.

Deciding on a Hosting Strategy

Every market is different and the property should cater to the types of visitors that come there. We generally prefer to focus on urban markets with a wide mix of industry, academia and travel.

Setup & Decoration

Once the property is found and acquired, the next step is to get it setup and launched. This includes handling any needed renovations, doing the decoration, and finding a local housekeeper and handyman that will help run the day-to-day.


This is actually the most important point and what separates an amateur from a professional host. If you simply launch and proceed to handle everything manually, it can quickly become overwhelming to manage it – especially if you’re running multiple properties.

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