How Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Do Things Differently

You’ve heard all about the importance of emotional intelligence. Perhaps you even consider yourself quite savvy when it comes to the art of demonstrating a high EQ.

But do you embody the elusive qualities that make emotionally intelligent leaders so good with people? If you have to think about it, probably not.

Here are seven subtle things the most emotionally intelligent leaders do differently.

You can’t fake caring. And leaders with emotional intelligence know that — and truly care. “If the success of their team determines a leader’s success, the key to being successful is to care about those people genuinely. Sometimes, it’s really just as simple as demonstrating that,” says de Kock.

They genuinely care

According to her, emotionally intelligent leaders create safe spaces where people feel comfortable being themselves. How? By being in touch with their own emotions and sharing them.

They create safe spaces

It can feel counterintuitive and even selfish to prioritize your needs when you deeply care about your team. Still, you won’t be able to tune into your own emotional intelligence if you’re stretched thin.

They take care of themselves

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