How To Control Spending With A Simple Budget

Understanding your monthly costs by creating a simple budget to keep track of your spending needs is prudent and may help you eliminate or reduce some areas.

We Spend and Borrow Too Much

We are a consumption-oriented society, relying on too much borrowing. Consumer spending accounts for more than two-thirds of our gross domestic growth.

Why Aren’t Americans Budgeting More?

There are many reasons people like us have not prepared a budget: fear, family arguments, too much work, and it won’t work. The list can go on. I know these excuses well. By creating a budget, you may have more control over how to reduce spending, and put more money towards saving.

Begin A Budget To Accomplish Your Financial Goals

The list of reasons for preparing a simple budget outweighs the plan for not starting one. You need a place to understand what you are spending and saving to accomplish your financial goals.

Monthly After-tax Income or Net Income

What you earn is the money you take home every month after taxes.

Monthly Costs

Deduct monthly expenses from your monthly net income.

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