How to Teach Kids to Be Thankful + 7 Activities to Practice Gratitude

Is gratitude something to invest time in and learn more about? Do you have to teach your children how to be thankful?

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Keeping gratitude also positively influences our brain and body. Gratitude is a positive emotion, and positive emotions block negative emotions.

Be an example

One of the things that surprise many new moms or dads is how much children copy the parent`s behavior—your language, attitude, actions, etc. 

Test your children`s gratitude

Be creative and make tests for their gratitude every month. Make small presents or “The present challenge” and check their reactions.

Read moral stories together

Reading together with your child can be highly beneficial. It will allow you to spend quality time with your child regularly.

Say a prayer before each meal

It can be easier to avoid the temptations when you can type everything you need into a search bar. Plus, shopping online makes it easy to compare brand prices.

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