What is The Stanford Golf Course? 

There aren’t many colleges and universities in the world that have a golf course to call their own, but the ones that do usually do it right.

Out of all the college golf courses in the world, the Stanford golf course stands at one of the best (sometimes rivaled only by the Yale golf course).

But, for all its glory, it’s not easy to get out onto the course. As stated right on its website, The Stanford Golf Course is a University-owned facility that allows playing privileges for just Stanford students, faculty/staff, Stanford Alumni Association (SAA) members, Stanford Golf Course members and their guests.

If you can’t happen to get out onto the Stanford golf course, but still want to learn more about it, this post is for you! We’ll cover the history of the Stanford golf course, some of the amenities that it offers to members and players, and a couple of unique holes from the course. Let’s get right into it!

History of the Stanford Golf Course

As with Stanford University, the Stanford golf course has a history that’s rich with tradition, innovation, and fame. Opened in 1930, the course was originally designed by architects George C. Thomas and Billy Bell Jr. It would later undergo an extensive renovation in 2008 by John Harbottle.

Info and Ratings

Here’s some information you might find useful about the Stanford golf course: – Address: 91 Links Rd, Stanford, CA 94305, United State – Phone number: +1 650 724 0944– Accessibility: members, guests, and Stanford affiliated player – Club manager: Shannon Donlon – Head pro: Casey Hall


Though you might not be able to play golf on the course (as it’s not a public golf course), the Stanford golf course still has some amenities that you might be interested in taking advantage of.

Unique Holes

With every golf course, some holes stand out more than others. Here are some of the coolest holes that you’ll want to take note of if you manage to book a tee time and go out golfing at the Stanford golf course.

Hole 3

A tough and long hole, hole 3 is the first par three of the course. There are tall trees guarding the green on the right, and a hazard left should you overcompensate.

Hole 6

The number one handicap hole of the course, 6 will challenge your short-game, your play from fairways, and your decision making alike. You’ll need a good drive down the left centre of the fairway.

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