Investing in Gaming Companies 101 

The gaming industry has grown a lot over the past few decades. And even for non-gamers who have never touched a joystick, investing in gaming might be a lucrative way to grow wealth.

Types of Gaming to Invest In:

These days, “gaming” is a broad term, referring to a wide range of digital and electronic pastimes. Developers are constantly seeking new storytelling methods and platforms, and the platforms themselves are evolving, too.

Here are some gaming types and some gaming company stocks investors may want to look into.

Platform or Console Gaming

Games designed for release on a specific console or platform—and the consoles and platforms themselves—still account for a huge portion of the gaming market despite the increasing popularity of mobile and streaming technologies.

Computer Gaming

Although it enjoys a smaller share of the contemporary market, most common game dynamics, such as the battle royale style of Fortnite© or the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) style of League of Legends, originated with PC developers.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming, which includes programs for both smartphones and tablets, is currently the largest segment of the gaming market, accounting for $68.5 billion in consumer spending (of which $54.9 billion comes from smartphone games).


Along with playing video games themselves, an increasing number of gamers and enthusiasts have become spectators. There is a large audience for professional, competitive video gaming known as esports, a global economy that will, according to Newzoo, top $1 billion by the end of this year.

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